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Sinaì - 21 - Westchester & NYC - fashion design student on a leave of absence until further notice cos i went broke (◕‿◕✿) E.L.F. ♡

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gracefree just trynna bring light to a lot of things bc no one on my dashboard seems to be talking about it & it needs to be talked about. his gf went through so much, i saw the texts she’d receive from him & i got chills, he’s fucking insane. to me he’s always been off, he was never my fav in SS501 & i found him strange tbh but his fans were so fooled. i know a lot of them turned their back on him immediately but there are still SO many that are trying to defend him & it’s so sickening bc i’m also rly scared for her. it took a lot of courage to do this & his fans don’t care, it rly worries me knowing that there are girls & women out there that will be shown legitimate proof of their idol doing something terrible & they’ll turn a blind eye, it’s so unsettling.

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browngxrl the comments on the articles are over the 18,000+ up vote marks & the public wants KHJ to be exiled & thrown in jail until he rots, it’s just that his delusional fans have rly lost themselves
like omg I feel so terrible 4 saying this but if news like this came out about Kyuhyun you better believe I’d be out so quick & never look back. I’d prob on my way 2 kill him myself like….but these girls just…..they blame his gf for this, they’re so far gone, this shit is so scary

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